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Friday, July 15, 2011

Supplier of the Month (July) rusticescentuals.com Review

This month I would like to give special mention to Aroma Haven & Rustic Escentuals

They sell candle, soap, lip balm and bath and body stuff. From them I purchased vegan lip balm base (since my original recipe doesn't work well in chap stick tubes), slider tins, pipettes and safety goggles. Not a lot, I know, but I had already purchased most of my inventory from other shops. I did pick this shop for my "supplier of the month" award (no actual prize for this award just a blog review) because of their customer service.

They included 2 very generous sized free fragrance samples, candies and a nice note in the package. Really makes you feel like a valued customer. But on top of that the fragrances are awesome. The slider tins are so very cute. The pipettes work great and have nifty marks for measuring. Their prices were fair and the shipping was one of the fastest out of all of the many sites I've ordered from. 

My only problem was with the lip balm base. I used it to make some lip balm and when I put it into my slim lip balm tubes it is hard to roll up and it wont roll back down. So the lip balm gets stuck up after you screw it up. I have the problem with every lip balm recipe I have tried where I can't get the balm to roll back down... Anyway this lip balm base is especially hard. Like my original recipe was. Not really sure what to do to fix it. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. My lip balm used in my sliders is from my recipe which I tweaked and tweaked until it was nice a soft and creamy. But it doesn't work in tubes. I'm glad I bought the smaller amount of lip balm base and I think with some tweaking I can make it work. It seems like good quality and moisturizing just needs a little more oil or something. I also think coating the inside of the tube with oil will help my sliding issue. 

To summarize my review:  
  • Fast shipping but pretty expensive
  • Very well packaged
  • Generous Free Samples
  • Large fragrance selection
  • Great fragrances
  • Cheap Oils
Thanks for reading. And if anyone has any lip balm tips for me please oh please share. 

*This blog was not endorsed and I have no affiliation with Rustic Escentuals.*

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