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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Exciting New Items Coming Soon!

I've been working on mass production of a few new goodies! By mass production I mean... making more than the usual amount I make for just myself. Mass isn't necessarily a good word but yeah there will be a few new items available in my shop soon!
  • Solid Perfume in many gorgeous scents. 
  • Eye Shadow Sets for every eye color.
  • Mineral Veil Finishing Powder
  • Very Pale Ghostly Foundation 
  • Clay Facial Mask Cream
  • Salt Scrubs
  • Sugar Scrubs
A little about each: 

Solid Perfume - I'm offering solid perfume in two different sizes. 1/2 ounce jars and 1 ounce jars. If you wear perfume often you'll want to go with the 1 oz. jar and you will be set! If you want to try out the fragrance or you only use perfume on special occasions the 1/2 oz. size is the one for you. I offer free fragrance samples with the purchase of anything else from my shop! Just leave a message in the "notes to seller" with the fragrance(s) you would like to sample. Or if you don't know what fragrance you want to sample but you want one I can surprise you! Convo or e-mail me anytime with questions. Fragrance samples are oil soaked cotton in zip lock baggies.

Eye Shadow Sets for Every Eye Color - The best eye shadow colors for blue, green, brown or hazel eyes. In sets of 2 or 3. $7.50 for a 2 color set. $10.50 for a 3 color set. Either way you save! Buying these sets is cheaper than buying individual eye shadows from the shop. Take all the guess work out of eye shadow shopping! You know your eye color, we know what eye shadows will make it POP!

Translucent Mineral Veil Finishing Powder - A light translucent color. Gives your skin a nice even tone. The color we have is similar to Maybelline's Translucent finishing powder, but its cheaper! Wont dry your skin. Talc free. Does not contain any irritants. When applied on top of foundation it will set your foundation and get rid of shine. Can be worn on bare skin as well. It will make your skin coloring even and hide minor blemishes. Designed to look good on all skin tones. Does not contain silk or any other non-vegan ingredients.

Immortal Pale Foundation - A very light, pale foundation that will give your skin a ghostly whiteness. Great for costumes, halloween, goth looks, geisha makeup ect. Not a 'natural' skin tone color. Be warned: its very light, very pale, quite ghostly. If that isn't the look you are going for you wont want this. I don't make foundations in normal skin tones (at least not yet) because it is way to hard to create colors that will look great on different people's unique skin colors. I personally know how hard it is to find a foundation that isn't too orangey, pinky, yellowy and the last thing I want is dissatisfied customers! In the long run I hope to have a large selection of colors and a sampler set you can purchase to find your match. But for now, all you goths, and gorgeous girls with alabaster skin have this foundation to purchase.

Clay Facial Mask Cream - My recipe is made of just the bare necessities. No weird chemicals just all natural, vegan ingredients. It clears and refines pores, firms skin, stimulates circulation, gently exfoliates and cleanses. Our clay facial mask wont dry out your skin like types can so even people with dry and sensitive skin can use it. Its ideal for people with dry and sensitive skin but also works great for people with oily skin. Use weekly to keep your skin fresh and clear.

Sugar and Salt Scrubs - We have different recipes for different skin types! Scrubs designed for oily, dry and combination skin. These scrubs are all natural. What do sugar and salt scrubs do? They exfoliate better than your average soap or body scrub. Removes dead skin making your skin youthful and radiant. Stimulates blood circulation, clears pores, firms skin, smoothes skin, hydrates and more. Make this part of your beauty regimen using it once a week while in the shower. You will love the results!

Expect all those goodies to come out in the next couple weeks! These new products like everything else in our shop are 100% VEGAN!

Also we'll be selling a fun mystery gift boxes! For $25 you will get $30-$35 worth of merchandise. Random makeup, bath and body products.

Thanks for reading!

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