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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Supplier of the Month (June) SpecialtyBottle.com Review

I've order lots of different products from lots of different site but this month I want to award specialtybottle.com/ my "Supplier of the Month" award.

From them I ordered 4 oz jars for body butter and 16 oz clear oval jars for bath salt. I felt the prices were very fair. Much lower than the other sites I was comparing. Even including shipping into the total. For my order shipping was about $8.50 and took 5 business days. Which is actually faster shipping than some other companies I've used.

The main reason I picked them was because I received more than I ordered. I received extra jars and even more extra lids. I guess in case some don't fit or are damaged. They were all in great shape though so my price per unit ended up being even cheaper.

I will definitely order from them again when I need more bottles.

To summarize my review of Specialty Bottle:

  • Fair shipping cost/time
  • Good packaging
  • Quality products
  • Good prices
  • Received extras
  • Buy as little or as much as you want. No minimums
  • Large selection
For all your bottle needs: http://www.specialtybottle.com/

Thanks for reading!

*This blog was not endorsed and I have no affiliation with Specialty Bottle.*
Check back in July for another supplier review! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Gifts and Special Deals!

Now that I have a few items up in the shop I want to get selling! To celebrate my first few sales I'm going to be giving out free gifts! The gift included will vary by the item purchased and will range from samples to full sized items!

I'm also offering a buy 3 get 1 free eye shadow deal! Leave the name of the 4th eye shadow you want in the notes to seller. If there is no note I'll surprise you! (Good until Aug. 1st)

Buy any full sized bath salt jar and receive two free bath salt samples good for 2 more baths! Leave the names of the 2 samples you want in the notes to seller. Again if there is not note I'll surprise you! Samples must be unique from the scent of the jar purchased. (Good until Aug. 1st)

Also you can get on my mailing list! Completely free. You will receive occasional samples and special coupon codes. Just send me an e-mail with your mailing address (for free samples and coupon codes) or just your e-mail address for coupon codes. E-mail me at:
AdorBeautySupplies at gmail.com or at yahoo.com

You can also convo me on Etsy anytime if that is more convenient! http://www.etsy.com/shop/AdorBeautySupplies


"A happy buyer makes a happy seller!" 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lots of Info for Making Mineral Eye Shadow

Making mineral eye shadow isn't as easy as one would guess. It takes a lot of time and a lot of experimenting to achieve the perfect blend of slip, adhesion and opacity. You might create a great mica heavy super shimmery bright colored eye shadow but find that its gone with one accidental rub of the eye. That is because mica alone doesn't have great adhesion. Its easy enough to create a matte color with good adhesion (as long as you don't go heavy with rice powder (or Talc if you use that instead) or cornstarch. But matte colors are no fun! The shimmery shine of mica creates an awesome very natural shine on your eye lids. So how do you create shimmery eye shadow with good adhesion?

Start with an iron oxide as your base color. If you are going to make blue eye shadow use ultramarine blue iron oxide. Iron oxide colors have great adhesion but are quite bold.

In your grinder (yes you MUST use a grinder, hand grinding... not good) put your iron oxide the base color of your choice, magnesium stearate (most suppliers sell vegan magnesium stearate), and then maybe titanium dioxide and sericite depending on what you want for your eyeshadow. Titanium dioxide will whiten it and sericite adds a little better slip and helps with adhesion. Magnesium stearate is the best for adhesion. Grind the minerals and scoop out a little bit into your "tester cup" you can use your tester brush from your tester cup to check the slip, color, adhesion and opacity of the eye shadow.

Keep grinding and adding ingredients until you have the right color, adhesion and opacity. If you start with just oxides and magnesium stearate the color might be too bold. You want it to be a little translucent so it looks natural at this point add a small amount of rice powder (or talc but talc can cause irritation) until it has the right amount of opacity. You will know when you have added too much because the tester will rub off easily and maybe leave a little whiteness behind. Or it will make your color look too whitened.

Once you have the color you want from your oxides and fillers add mica for shimmer. Do not grind! Once you have added mica no more grinding! You'll ruin the mica if you grind it. Stir it up. I use a small whisk to stir it because it is easy to use and easy to clean between colors. Keep stirring and adding mica until nice and shimmery.

  • Keep testing your eye shadow as you add ingredients by using a sanitary testing system. (I use a small scooper to scoop it into a little testing dish and then use a testing brush on that to try it on my skin. The tester powder does not rejoin the rest of the batch.) 
  • Use an iron oxide base color for the color you want your eye shadow to be. That way you wont get a white base effect and your color will stick better. 
  • Magnesium stearate is the best filler for adhesion. 
  • Rice powder is a hypoallergenic alternative for better slip and opacity but don't go crazy with it!
  • Add mica last until you have the amount of shimmer you want. Don't grind the mica or it'll get dull and ruined. 
  • All fillers, additives and oxides but be ground up. I use a coffee grinder. 
Coffee Grinder for grinding mineral makeup: 
I use a coffee grinder that I found on amazon. I was going to buy a little mini grinder from one of the suppliers online but now I am really glad I didn't. I read reviews later on the mini grinder that said it doesn't hold a lot of product at all. Only enough for a few small jars worth of product. And the motor burns out really easy. The coffee grinder I got holds a lot of powder and is easy to clean. My only complaint is that the cable is too short. But it could just be me. It has a retractable cable and maybe I don't have it out all the way. I have really tried to get it to come out more. 

Tips for using a coffee grinder to grind your minerals:
  • Hold the button down no longer than 20 seconds. If you feel your grinder starting to get hot stop grinding and let it cool off. If you make it grind too long the motor can burn out.
  • Clean it out between each use. Buy a grinder that will be easy to clean because this will be a huge factor in how well it works for you. Any left over powder can effect the color of you next batch. 
  • Powder gets in all the nooks and crannies so it is best to have a little brush used only for cleaning out your grinder. You can buy small tester makeup brushes in bulk for pretty cheap rates online. 
  • Tap the sides to get the powder off the lid before opening. Powder will get everywhere when you open it if you don't.
  • Use a face mask so you don't breathe in powder or breath on the powder. Use goggles so you don't get any in your eyes. 
Wow this was very long. I hope it was at least a little helpful for someone! 

Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

How To Make "Sprinkles" Bath Salt

Alright you know those pretty colorful sugar crystal sprinkles? Well you can make bath salt that looks like that! And its easy! I'll tell you how:

  • 1 lb. of bath salt. (Epsom, Dead Sea, w/e salt you like) (2 cups is 16 oz./1 lb. for easier measuring)
  • Different Color food coloring. I use this:  McCormick Food Colors & Egg Dye, Four Assorted Neon, 0.25-Ounce Vials (Pack of 6) The colors are really vivid and bright its great!
  • 4 tablespoons of baking soda. (Optional for softer skin) 
  • A bowl for every color you want to use. (3 - 4 bowls for mixing)
  • Any skin safe fragrance oil you like. Great selection at rusticescentuals.com or brambleberry.com (Lavender is a great choice for a relaxing bath) 
Step 1: Separate the salt into your bowls. For this recipe I'll use 4 bowls and 4 colors. Put 1/2 cup of salt in each of 4 bowls. Also put a tablespoon of baking soda in each bowl and stir. (Baking soda is optional it will make your skin softer but also lighten the color of the salt and soften the fragrance, so you will need more color and fragrance)

Step 2: In a tsp (or any spoon) drop about 5 drops of fragrance and 5-8 drops of a single color and mix a little with a toothpick or a dropper. Poor the spoon of oil into one of the bowls. Have it drop in different sections and then stir until completely blended. The color will be pretty even. If the color isn't dark enough add more. Just don't make it too dark because it could stain your tub. 
Repeat this for all 4 bowls. Using a different color dye in each bowl. Use the same fragrance in each bowl too. 

Step 3: Let it sit, dry and air out for 6+ hours. (Tip: To avoid getting dust, animal hair ect. in it while it airs out you can cover it with a paper towel or a piece of paper. Keep it somewhere clean and safe). 

Step 4: Mix all 4 bowls together in one large bowl. Take a big whiff. If the fragrance isn't strong enough add more and stir thoroughly. Do not blend in a mixer. Depending on how strong the fragrance is you will need anywhere from 10-30 drops per lb. of salt. 

You should have pretty speckled bath salt now! 

Tip: Store in a zip lock baggie in a cool dry place. Do not leave in direct sunlight it can change color. You can put it in a plastic jar (or glass but plastic is safer around the tub) but if you are planning to give it as a gift or sell it don't put it in the plastic jar right away. It can discolor the plastic so keep it bagged until you are ready to distribute. 

When selling it online: it is best to make a batch to photograph and then use that or give it away and only make salt when it is ready to be sent to the customer. For max freshness. Make a note of exactly how many drops of color and fragrance it took so you can replicate. 

click image for larger picture. It's much brighter and prettier in person =)

My supply recommendations: 

Thanks for reading! If you do make bath salts I hope you enjoy it and I hope you found this helpful!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Artist Rescues Peacock

This is a great story I thought readers of my blog would enjoy.

A peacock was nearly scalped to death by another peacock at a peacock farm. Male peacocks when kept together in enclosed spaces will fight to the death. They kill each other by scalping. The peacock farmers rescued the injured peacock but then didn't know what to do with it. Putting it back in the pen would mean its death. They went to their neighbor, a animal loving artist, and asked her if she had the space and would like to adopt a peacock and peahen. The artist agreed.

The peacock and his mate are now kept in a large pen where they are safe from predators but still have space to fly around and perch. They are spoiled with fruits and vegetables on top of chicken feed. Peas are their favorite! Coincidence? Is that why they are called Peacocks? Haha.

Every spring the peacock grows a beautiful train of feathers and sheds them after mating season. The artist collects the fallen feathers daily and uses them to make jewelry and art.

Is this a non-vegan act? Using an animal byproduct from a well treated pet seems OK to me! The money made from the feathers in no way covers the cost to care for the peacocks but she does it because she loves animals and doesn't turn away any animal in need of a home.

The artist is Deb Bass from Desert to Forest Art Gallery.

Know that when you buy products made with peacock feathers from her they are cruelty free.
Now even vegans can wear peacock feather earrings!

*Fun Fact about peacocks: When a peacock's mate dies they will never mate again. Kinda sweet isn't it?*

Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Vegan Recipes!

My goal on this blog is to have a lot of fun and informative stuff for my readers! So far I've done a lot of boring info on my shop and now I want to share some recipes! 

I would really like to share vegan food and beauty recipes so if you have any you would like me to post e-mail  me at: adorbeautysupplies at gmail.com or yahoo.com either one. AND please include a link to your site/blog/twitter/facebook page ect. so I can link back to you and get your some site traffic! 

Soon I'll be posting great recipes including some of the ones I use! So check back! 

please please please post a comment if you know of a good recipe site! I'm sure everyone would love that! 

Oh and I'm also looking for a good facial masque recipe! Something that can be bottled and will last a while without drying out! I'll hopefully have more info on that and other skin care related topics! 

Thanks for reading! 


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bath Salts for Sale Soon!

Soo on June 15th I should get the last of the supplies I need to make lots of fun stuff to sell. I have some things all ready to be put on the shop. 

5 different bath salts with custom A'dor Beauty fragrances. 

  1. Passion - This bath salt has a rose fragrance with sexy undertones. Every woman deserves to come home to roses! This bath salt makes a great romantic gift. 
  2. Fair Maiden - This bath salt has a gardenia perfume fragrance. This scent isn't for everyone but I know some women will LOVE it! If you are unsure if you would like perfumey salt you can request a free "fragrance sample" (a bit of oil soaked cotton in a small bag for a sample of the scent) or buy our sample set which is a very good deal (5 bath's worth of different bath salt). 
  3. Witchcraft - This is a very exotic smelling bath salt. Reminds me of a incense with a bit of muskiness. I don't really know how to explain the smell. But I think both men and women will love it!
  4. Tropical Delight - This is a very fun sweet smelling bath salt. Its a pretty aqua color and smells like coconut and bananas. A great tropical fragrance for the summer!
  5. Floral Paradise - This bath salt has a mix of different flower scents. Smells like you are in a field of flowers.  

For a great price you can buy a 1+ oz. sample of each salt as a sample set. Good for 5 baths.
Our bath salt is $2.50 (plus shipping) for 5 sample baggies or $8.25 (plus shipping) for a 16 oz jar full of salt. (Prices may vary and change at any time, I'm having a grand opening sale in my store for a limited time all prices will be marked down. After that the samples and 16 oz. jar prices will go up.)   

My bath salt is a blend of Pacific Sea Salt and Epsom Salt with baking soda for softer skin
Pacific Sea Salt and Epsom salt are great for relaxing the body, soothing sore musclesrelieving stress and eliminating toxins from the body. 


Here is some information about our shipping methods. 

For small and inexpensive orders we will ship by the cheapest method possible. Body butter, eye shadow and lip products will be shipped first class mail to save you money. These items are only shipped by this method to the United States and Canada. 

International Shipping is available on orders over $15 (before shipping) and starts at $13.25. Convo us through etsy or by e-mail (adorbeautysupplies at yahoo dot com) for international shipping quotes and custom listings. 

Orders over $15 will ship via priority mail starting at $5 domestic, $11.35 to Canada and $13.25 international. 

Orders over $50 may receive reduced or free shipping within the United States. Orders over $100 ship free in the United States and may receive reduced or free international shipping. (Depending on the weight of the package). 

Orders will be shipped within 1 business day of payment if the product is already made. Some products are made to order to ensure freshness and will be mailed within 2 business days of payment. 

If a package is returned by the post office for having a incorrect address (provided by the customer) we will charge an additional shipping fee through a paypal invoice to reship the item. If the customer decides not to pay the reshipping fee we can only offer a partial refund with a 15% restocking fee to cover our losses and re-post the item. Paypal and Etsy take their cut's and deposits and we would be out that money if the order is canceled, as well as the shipping cost we paid to send the package. 

We do not accept returns or offer refunds for returns. For sanitation reasons we can not resale returned items.  

If you receive your order and are dissatisfied please do not leave us negative feedback! Contact us and we will do what we can to fix it. 

If you require faster shipping because you need to receive your package by a certain date convo us and we can give you a shipping quote and make you a custom listing. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ingredients I Do NOT Use

The following is a list of Ingredients I do not use because they are either non-vegan or cause skin irritation. 

Beeswax: "Wax obtained from melting honeycomb with boiling water, straining it, and cooling it. From virgin bees. Very cheap and widely used. May be harmful to the skin." "Produced by bees for their own use. Bees are selectively bred. Culled bees are killed. A cheap sugar is substituted for their stolen honey. Millions die as a result. Their legs are often torn off by pollen-collection trapdoors." Quote from: PETA http://www.peta.org/living/vegetarian-living/animal-ingredient-guide.aspx I use Candellila wax as a substitute. 

Bismuth Oxychloride: A common ingredient in cosmetics. May cause skin irritation

"Red pigment from the crushed female cochineal insect. Reportedly, 70,000 beetles must be killed to produce one pound of this red dye. Used in cosmetics, shampoos, red apple sauce, and other foods (including red lollipops and food coloring). May cause allergic reaction." Quote from PETA 

Emu Oil: Often used in lip products. "From flightless ratite birds native to Australia and now factory-farmed. Used in cosmetics and creams. Alternatives: vegetable and plant oils." Quote from PETA http://www.peta.org/living/vegetarian-living/animal-ingredient-guide.aspx

Gelatin: Comes from boiling animal skin. Often used in cosmetics. 

Glycerin: Widely used in cosmetics. Comes from animal fat. 

Lanolin: Comes from sheep. Used in lip products. 

Myristic Acid: Used in makeup. Comes from animal fat. 

Silk Powder: Used in makeup. Comes from silk worms that are boiled alive for their silk. 

Stearates: Can be derived from vegetables or animals. I only use vegetable stearates. 

I know there are more but its hard to remembers things I don't use, you know, since I don't use them. 

Thanks for reading! 


Vegan Ingredients I Use

The following is a list of my favorite ingredients (in no particular order). 

For lip products, body butter ect:

  • Mango Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Safflower Oil
  • Fragrance and Flavor Oils
  • Candellila Wax
  • Vitamin E
Candellila Wax: This is a great vegan substitute for beeswax. It isn't as soft as beeswax though so when using it you have to use more mango butter (or something similar) to soften it up. 

Safflower Oil: I love using this oil. It has a very light flavor and color so it softens up my products without changing the scent or color. Its also a very healthy oil option for cooking with! This photo link is the exact safflower oil I use. I think it is a great product at a great price. On the skin: safflower oil softens and hydrates skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles. I use this in my body butter and lip stick. Safflower oil is great for dry skin and can help heal skin conditions and inflammation. 

Mango Butter: I love mango butter because it is so soft and great for healing skin. I use it my body butter to make skin soft and youthful. 

Cocoa Butter: This butter smells super yummy. Great for removing scars. 

Shea Butter: I buy unrefined Shea butter for my recipes because it is full of vitamins and nutrients. It smells a bit funky compared to refined butter but its totally worth it for healthier skin. In my body butter I add a little extra fragrance to cover up the smell. Shea butter restores skin elasticity and softens and moisturizes skin. 

My body butter is awesome and will be available soon at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AdorBeautySupplies

My body butter.

Vitamin E: I use vitamin E in all my creamy products. Its great for keeping things fresh and for its healing properties. 

Dry Ingredients for Eyeshadow, Bronzer, Bath Salt, ect:
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Magnesium Stearate (vegetable derived)
  • Sericite
  • Colored Micas
  • Iron Oxide
  • Cosmetic Glitter
  • Epsom Salt
  • Pacific Sea Salt
  • Rice Powder
  • Baking Soda 
  • Kaolin Clay
Titanium Dioxide: Adds adhesion and SPF protection. 

Magnesium Stearate: I only use Magnesium stearate that is vege derived. It is used for adhesion. 

Sericite: Adds adhesion and shine and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. 

Colored Micas: Pretty and shiny. Used in everything I add color and shimmer to. 

Iron Oxide: For color. 

Epsom and Pacific Sea Salt: My bath salt is a blend of these two salts. Soothes sore muscles and relieves stress. 
Soon you will be able to buy 16 oz. jars or samples of my bath salt on etsy!

My bath salt.

Rice Powder: Substitute for talc which can cause skin irritation for some people. Has a silky texture.

Baking Powder: I use this in bath salt to soften skin. 

Kaolin Clay: I use this in my mineral make up for adhesion, and better slip. Its great for sensitive skin. 

I'm sure there are more ingredients I am forgetting but those are the main ones.

For a list of non-vegan ingredients visit PETA's site: http://www.peta.org/living/vegetarian-living/animal-ingredient-guide.aspx

Thanks for reading!


All of my products are 100% vegan friendly. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

My philosophy is that: No creature should have to suffer for my beauty. 

Which is why I have a very strict vegan ingredients only policy! I do not test on animals and purchase materials from suppliers that also do not test on animals. 

I have done extensive research to find vegan substitutes for all my beauty products. These substitutes may be more expensive but I think its worth it! And I am determined to offer my customers low prices despite my higher cost to make. I may not make the high profits that large makeup company and non-vegan beauty suppliers make but I don't care! 

My whole goal is to create quality vegan beauty supplies that others can enjoy. As long as my customers are happy, I am happy! 

If you are interested, here is a very informative list by PETA of animal derived ingredients commonly used: http://www.peta.org/living/vegetarian-living/animal-ingredient-guide.aspx

Please read my "Ingredients" blog post http://adorbeautysupplies.blogspot.com/2011/06/vegan-ingredients-i-use.html for more information about the ingredients I use.

Thanks for reading!  


Hello Everyone! I am Olivia, the person behind A'dor Beauty Supplies. I began creating cosmetics at home after years of disappointment with store bought make up. There are many reasons why I don't like buying name brand makeups. 

  1. They use ingredients that cause rashes and skin irritation on my sensitive skin. 
  2. Many large companies partake in animal testing. 
  3. The products are way too expensive! 
  4. They use cheap fillers that degrade the quality of the cosmetics. 
I have been so pleased with my own creations that I have decided to open up an etsy shop to sell my beauty supplies! I was only buying small amounts before for my own use so I am still waiting for some of my supplies to come in so I can start creating larger amounts to sell. But soon enough my products will be available at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AdorBeautySupplies

I will be posting more blog post soon to share information about the ingredients I use in my all natural 100% vegan beauty products. 

Also check back for special offers, coupon codes and free gift giveaways! 

Thanks for reading!