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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Artist Rescues Peacock

This is a great story I thought readers of my blog would enjoy.

A peacock was nearly scalped to death by another peacock at a peacock farm. Male peacocks when kept together in enclosed spaces will fight to the death. They kill each other by scalping. The peacock farmers rescued the injured peacock but then didn't know what to do with it. Putting it back in the pen would mean its death. They went to their neighbor, a animal loving artist, and asked her if she had the space and would like to adopt a peacock and peahen. The artist agreed.

The peacock and his mate are now kept in a large pen where they are safe from predators but still have space to fly around and perch. They are spoiled with fruits and vegetables on top of chicken feed. Peas are their favorite! Coincidence? Is that why they are called Peacocks? Haha.

Every spring the peacock grows a beautiful train of feathers and sheds them after mating season. The artist collects the fallen feathers daily and uses them to make jewelry and art.

Is this a non-vegan act? Using an animal byproduct from a well treated pet seems OK to me! The money made from the feathers in no way covers the cost to care for the peacocks but she does it because she loves animals and doesn't turn away any animal in need of a home.

The artist is Deb Bass from Desert to Forest Art Gallery.

Know that when you buy products made with peacock feathers from her they are cruelty free.
Now even vegans can wear peacock feather earrings!

*Fun Fact about peacocks: When a peacock's mate dies they will never mate again. Kinda sweet isn't it?*

Thanks for reading!

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