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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bath Salts for Sale Soon!

Soo on June 15th I should get the last of the supplies I need to make lots of fun stuff to sell. I have some things all ready to be put on the shop. 

5 different bath salts with custom A'dor Beauty fragrances. 

  1. Passion - This bath salt has a rose fragrance with sexy undertones. Every woman deserves to come home to roses! This bath salt makes a great romantic gift. 
  2. Fair Maiden - This bath salt has a gardenia perfume fragrance. This scent isn't for everyone but I know some women will LOVE it! If you are unsure if you would like perfumey salt you can request a free "fragrance sample" (a bit of oil soaked cotton in a small bag for a sample of the scent) or buy our sample set which is a very good deal (5 bath's worth of different bath salt). 
  3. Witchcraft - This is a very exotic smelling bath salt. Reminds me of a incense with a bit of muskiness. I don't really know how to explain the smell. But I think both men and women will love it!
  4. Tropical Delight - This is a very fun sweet smelling bath salt. Its a pretty aqua color and smells like coconut and bananas. A great tropical fragrance for the summer!
  5. Floral Paradise - This bath salt has a mix of different flower scents. Smells like you are in a field of flowers.  

For a great price you can buy a 1+ oz. sample of each salt as a sample set. Good for 5 baths.
Our bath salt is $2.50 (plus shipping) for 5 sample baggies or $8.25 (plus shipping) for a 16 oz jar full of salt. (Prices may vary and change at any time, I'm having a grand opening sale in my store for a limited time all prices will be marked down. After that the samples and 16 oz. jar prices will go up.)   

My bath salt is a blend of Pacific Sea Salt and Epsom Salt with baking soda for softer skin
Pacific Sea Salt and Epsom salt are great for relaxing the body, soothing sore musclesrelieving stress and eliminating toxins from the body. 

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