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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Product Review 1: SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

I want to start doing "random product reviews" where I review something unrelated to beauty. Should be fun and interesting. Hope you enjoy! 

For my first review I'll be talking about the: MultiVet SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser.
My cat is fat. I hate to admit it but he is and I know that's my fault. Before I took him in he was alone and starving. Maybe because I felt bad for him i over fed him at first. I don't know. Even by following the amount it says to feed him on the cat food bag he just kept gaining weight. I have a theory that because he almost starved to death before I found him out in the desert, that his metabolism is messed up and stores all his food as fat to keep him from starving again. That is probably dumb but hey just a theory. He isn't obese or anything. He just has a little droopy belly and I want him to be slim and healthy and live a long life. 

So i bought this ball. Its a toy and a food dish all wrapped into one. 

In short: I like it! 

It took a while for my cat to get used to using the ball to get his food. We had to sort of ease him into it and show it to him all the time. But now he knows that's where his food comes from and he uses it. 

Its been about 2 months and he has lost 1 lb. (That's a lot for a cat, right?) He is much more slim and healthy looking now. 

The ball holds the convenient amount of 1 day's worth of food it in. So we just fill it up once a day. 

How it works: The ball holds the convenient amount of 1 day's worth of food it in. So we just fill it up once a day. It has holes in it and you can adjust how big they are. The cat plays with the ball and the food falls out. 


  • Holds one day's worth of food which makes it easy for me
  • You wont over feed your cat
  • Makes your lazy cat exercise more
  • Easy to clean. Just pop it in the dish washer
  • Cheap
  • Different difficulty settings 
  • Ball is a bit big. Because it holds a full days worth of food the ball is kinda big for a cat to play with. Maybe 2 smaller half serving balls would have been better. 
  • I don't know how well it would work out in a multi-cat home
  • Put the ball on a clean hard floor surface that will be good for the cat to eat off of. There will be constant crumbs created so sweep the floor often. We use the ball in our guest bathroom which isn't used much. That way we aren't always kicking it around and stepping on food. 
  • Still us a normal dish for moist food. Don't feed your cat moist food all the time because its bad for their teeth but you should feed the moist food occasionally so they don't get a urinary infection or something like that. 
  • If you raise your cat from a kitten with this ball they will probably be really good about using it and stay very fit. 
  • Start the ball on an easy setting so the cat can get used to it and realize that's where their food comes from now. 
  • Do not fill the ball completely or the food wont come out very easily. 
  • Buy multiples if you travel a lot so the cat can still get a bit of exercise while you are gone. But remember each ball only holds one days worth of food so put extra food in a bowl if you will be a gone for several days. 

Oh, since this is related i just wanted to mention: If you get a large breed puppy that is prone to growing pains, like a Great Dane or Mastiff you can get similar balls to these or "smart toys" which make the dog have to sit for hours thinking and working their brain instead of running around and hurting their legs. You put a treat in the ball and the dog lays down and works on getting it out. My mom's vet recommended this to her for her mastiff puppy. Mastiffs experience growing pains for many months. 


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed and that your pet lives a long healthy life!

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