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Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Lip Tints and Introducing Lip Glaze

We have made new Lip Tint colors and are now using a new formula for a lip product that we are calling Lip Glaze.

Our new lip glaze is a jelly made mostly from oils and a little bit of wax. Where our lip tints are made mostly from mango butter and oil giving it a soft balm feel. Both will soften and heal your lips. Lip glazes taste a little more planty and natural. Glazes are softer and easier to apply. Both are great products and preference is totally personal.

Ingredient Info:

New softer formula for Lip Tint ingredients in roughly this order. Formula varies per color and some or all ingredients may be used.
Ingredients: Mango Butter, Safflower oil (rich with vitamin E), Mica, Candellila Wax, stevia, lip liquid dye, flavor oil, vitamin e.   

Lip Glaze formula (some or all may be used in any particular color order may not be accurate with each color)
Ingredients: Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil (a thick oil that can soften skin), Cooernica Cerifera (Carnauba wax) a plant based wax, Candellila wax (a vegan alternative to beeswax), Mica, Stevia, flavors, dyes, vitamin E.

We're experimenting with both formulas and will eventually primarily use the more popular of the two.

New colors to look forward to:

Eternal Kiss
Vampire Bites
 We're also creating a lovely Rose color, some bronzes, golds and maroons. A few dark shades like Eternal Kiss but with blue and green undertones. We are also planning to bring back the popular (but currently out of stock) Rendezvous color as a lip glaze.

We will be stocking many more lip glazes and no more tints until we restock our mango butter supply. 

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3 Stack "Vampire Seduction" Flesh Lip Tint, Vampire Bites Lip Glaze, Eternal kiss Lip Tint.

Edit: More New Shades!
Rose Lip Glaze

Sweet Pea Lip Glaze

Venus Lip Glaze


  1. They are all pretty,great names too..i really love dark colors and i think Eternal Kiss looks perfect!