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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Many New Eye Shadows!

We are very excited to be bringing you a lot of new eye shadow colors! We already have 11 new shades made and are planning to make even more over the next couple weeks! We will also be creating a bunch of new lip glazes and tints in some lovely colors! They will all be available in the shop soon!

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New Eye Shadows: 

The Pictures do not do these amazing new colors justice!

Pixie is a wonderful iridescent color like the wings of a dragonfly!

Strawberry Blonde is a golden bronze color with pink undertones. It doesn't show up well in photos but in person the effect is beautiful.
Strawberry Blonde

Kalypso is a fun sea green/aqua color with a golden shimmer.

Lafayette is a fun bright fuchsia purple that will especially POP on darker skin tones. This is one our first Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood inspired items. I loved the fuchsia eye shadow Lafayette was wearing to match his shirt in an episode of season 4 and had to make a color like it!
Image from: youknowyoulovefashion.com
Along with Lafayette we are also creating other new BRIGHT colors like: Goddess a lovely rich gold color. Garfield: A bright orange. We already have so many lovely earth tones and now I want to spice it up with some more bright fun colors! Our current brightest colors: Tropical Surf, Blue Box, Pisces, Green Apple and Cancer the Crab.With our new additions we will soon have a whole rainbow of bright eye shadows from red to purple.

Orianna and Caitlyn some of our first League of Legends inspired eye shadow colors. Caitlyn eye shadow is a lovely purple with a crystal sparkle to match her pretty dress and Orianna is a soft pale gold very similar to the gold on the Clockwork Girl herself. League of Legends is currently one of my favorite PC games. Its incredibly fun and free! All of the makeup I make inspired by LoL will be for some of my favorite champions! Caitlyn is one of my favorite AD Carries and I plan to buy a new skin for her very soon. And Orianna though hard and underrated is a mage I enjoy so much that I got the Sewn Chaos skin for her.


SALE INFO! As you may know our eye shadows, lip tints and eye shadow primers (pretty much everything in a 5g jar) is currently on sale for $3.50. After the holidays they will be going back up to their regular price of $4!! So take advantage of this sale while you can, because I can't afford to do it forever!! (Today -  Dec. 8th 2011.)

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Thank you for reading!! Enjoy the COUPON CODE: BLOGGER10

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