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Monday, July 16, 2012

Etsy Haul: The After Dark Apothecary

I recently ordered from this wonderful Etsy shop: The After Dark Apothecary.

Here is everything I got with fragrance descriptions from the site:
  • Burlesque Beauty Silky Body Spray 2 oz. - A haunting blend of coconuts, coconut milk, and peaches.
  • Miss Independence Silky Body Powder 3oz. - A wicked blend pomegranate, strawberry, pear, orange, coconut, vanilla and musk
  • Black Widow Whipped Soap 4 oz. - A wicked blend of chocolate, fudge and vanilla.
  • My Sweet Poison Hand Lotion 1 oz. - A wicked blend of soft woods, florals, citrus, tropical fruits and patchouli.
  • Secret Confessions Whipped Soap Sample - A wicked blend of chocolate, raspberry, fudge, vanilla, cream and white chocolate
  • Wicked Wench Whipped Soap Sample - A wicked blend of vanilla, honey, cinnamon, oatmeal, clove, chocolate, and mint cream
Burlesque Beauty is a beautiful sweet coconut fragrance. The perfume last a very long time but without being too overwhelming.

Miss Independence body powder smells amazing, fruity and feminine. The powder is incredibly smooth and makes my skin super soft. Its also very hot here right now and it manages to keep me dry all day.

The whipped soaps are really great! Very creamy and they all smell wonderful! BLACK WIDOW smells so good you want to eat it! WICKED WENCH smells super good and for some reason reminds me of Christmas. SECRET CONFESSIONS smells so pretty. It is one of my favorites! Bathing with these is like heaven! I use a small amount at a time because I want to savor it and it goes incredibly far!

The hand lotion is amazing! It makes my skin so super soft and the softness lasts a very long time! The 1 oz. size is perfect to keep in your purse but there are also larger sizes available. MY SWEET POISON is a gorgeous fragrance! It is super sexy. The fragrance lasts all day.

The prices are all really reasonable! Also be sure to check out the sale section for some great bargains. You can also purchase samples to try out a bunch of different fragrances to find your favorites.

Shipping was insanely fast! I got my package just 3 days after ordering! Everything was really well packaged and the shipping rate was affordable.

I will be going back for more and when I do I'll do another post to let you know what I think of those fragrances!

 Heather the owner of The After Dark Apothecary is a fragrance artisan! Her scents are expertly crafted and her products are very high quality. I highly recommend this shop.

The items reviewed in this post were purchased by me and no freebies, bribes or compensation was given for in exchange for a review. The opinions in this post are my own honest opinions.


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